Happily Ever After

is not a Fairy Tale;
It’s a Choice


To help you build a Wildly Successful Relationship

(even if it’s currently more of a horror story than a fairy tale)

About You

It feels like your Fairy Tale has become more like a nightmare these days… You know you really love him but you’re just struggling to live together; You want to believe that you can live happily together but you just have no idea how that is going to happen right now. You’ve take advice from family & friends and even the occasional blog or post online but you just don’t know where to start…

If you know you want to make things work between you and you are prepared to really do something about it, then you are in the right place

You might have been called a Hopeless Romantic from time to time… But wanting something better, or wishing for an epic Love Story doesn’t make you unrealistic, ‘hopeless’ or impractical. In fact, you’ve always known that you’re a lover AND a fighter.

No one would squash someone’s dream of becoming a Millionaire – in fact those kind of financial dreams are actively encouraged! Having an outstanding Relationship is actually a far more realistic goal in life than becoming super-rich, yet we’re often told otherwise. Society sets the bar for long-term love pretty low.

The only reason we don’t see more people living out their best Relationship is because we’re not taught how to have one. There’s a widely accepted view that if you Love one another, then you’ll automatically be blissfully happy. We’re taught that if your initial chemistry is good, you’re all set!

As much as it pains me to say it, Love alone is not Enough.
Discovering how to be in a serious Relationship is
essential; More than that, it’s the Secret to getting the
Happily Ever After you’ve always wanted.

I’m here to tell you that that old story we’ve all heard is far from the whole picture. Relationships go through predictable stages, including the difficult ones. It’s just a matter of knowing how to navigate those stages. A Happily Ever After is entirely possible for You – you just need the know how to get it. If you have an open mind and an open heart then you can have the Relationship you really want.

Hi, I’m Holly,

and I help women like you, who still want to believe in the Fairy Tale, to fight for their Marriages out in the real world. 

When my own Marriage hit crisis I had just 2 questions:
“What the Hell went wrong?!” and
“How do we put it right?”

Thankfully I got all the answers I needed (& more) and I I loved what I discovered so much, that I have spent more than half a decade studying Relationship Theory so that I can give you the answers you need & get you out of crisis fast.

Using multiple fields of proven psychology, plus neuroscience & leading relationship research alongside energy work & spiritual practices, I’ve left no stone unturned in finding the best solutions to your Relationship problems. This know-how has now all been combined in my signature 8 week Training programme: Happily Ever After Relationship Training (HEART).

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Happily Ever After Couple Holding Hands

Relationship Training

If you just want to get things back to normal between you, you’re in the right place. In just 8 weeks in our Relationship Training, you will learn all the Secrets behind massive Relationship Success.

You’ll get actionable tools & strategies plus the psychology you need to propel your Relationship to the next level; no matter whether you’re in full-blown crisis, getting tripped up by 1 particular thing or just looking to get ahead of the curve, Relationship Training can help you to:

  • Understand the simple Formula that successful Couples use to create a long lasting Love
  • Establish a nurturing two-person Team where you can both be 100% yourselves, so there’s no more trying to change each other
  • Create a passionate, sexy, sustainable and emotionally safe partnership
  • Learn how your upbringing played a key role in how you currently relate in Love as an Adult and how you can change it for the future
  • Practice ways to soothe each other when times get tough and be able to make each other feel completely heard & fully understood
  • Learn how to Fight with your partner safely (even if you avoid conflict currently) & repair hurts quickly; before they become a big issue
  • Use super-simple habits that take no more than a few minutes a day to build a bulletproof bond
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that your partner has your back; no matter what, you’re an unshakeable Team!

Thank you Holly! The content of your course is amazing and life changing.

AE, Leicestershire, UK

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