28 Day Challenge

You can single-handedly change the climate of your Relationship in just 4 weeks

Happily Ever After - 28 Day Challenge

Improve your Relationship Today

In just a minute each day, you can make real changes in your love life.

During our 28 Day Challenge, we ask you to try out new actions daily. You’ll then repeat & continue using them over the space of 4 weeks. This is because it is the best way to build new Habits; and it will make a huge difference to your love life both short AND long term. 

So what does the Challenge involve?

Based on the areas that Couples most commonly complain about when their Relationship is not as they’d like it to be, we show you ultra-simple ways to:

Build Gratitude & Appreciation
Hone Listening & Attention skills
Kick Criticism to the Curb
Increase your Physical Intimacy

Learn EXACTLY what small daily actions you can take to improve your love life now; and get your Relationship back on Track within the next month.

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For years I considered why some Relationships make it and others don’t and I knew that there must be a simple formula to it. One day, I realised that it all comes down to this:

Great Relationships are a result of Great Habits.

If you simply devote yourself to having great habits in your Relationship, you’ll find that you can make an insane amount of difference all on your own because change always starts with You.

You can make a positive change even if your Partner is not really on board right now. And if you are both on board? Well you instantly double your effectiveness!

Are You up for the Challenge?

We all want to be happy together in our Relationships and I want to make it easy for you to achieve that. So, take the 28 Challenge now and see how much difference you can make in just 4 weeks in around 60 seconds a day!

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