Meet Holly

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Meet Holly & Andy

Hey, I’m Holly!
(& that’s Andy)

I’m a Relationship Trainer for those who still believe in Happily Ever Afters and I’m on a mission to create happier, more passionate, long-lasting Relationships.

Why? Because I know it’s possible.

Hi, I’m Holly – ambivert, enthusiast, hopeless romantic, wife, cat mum & Woman of Contradictions…

I’m a lover of 5* travel & fancy restaurants; I also adore tarot, crystals, vampires, heavy metal & anything that those who don’t believe in it, would term a little bit ‘woo’. 

I’m a planet-loving, tree-hugger at heart yet I’m also a massive fan of fast, petrol guzzling cars and whilst I completely identify as a Feminist and will always support all my sisters, I still believe in men being Gentlemen and women being Ladies. 

As a child I used to dream of being a ballet dancer & a pop singer (and I am still convinced I will be on Strictly Come Dancing one day – just manifesting hard here!) yet I am also equally passionate about geeking out on Psychology & Neuroscience theories. 

I feel most at home alone in the tranquil fresh air of the high mountains or equally, surrounded by sweaty gig-goers at a rock concert. I am pretty well spoken and have no tattoos so most people are surprised to find that my sense of humour is often as dark as night and I have a truly filthy sounding laugh (or more of a cackle at times but then I do love witchy things!).

You see, I don’t believe in putting myself, or anyone else for that matter, in a pigeon hole. In life, you dig what you dig and I believe you should always do more of what makes you happy – even if it does make you a walking contradiction!

Can I let you in on a Secret? My husband’s pet name for me is Panda. One day I decided that my spirit animal would be a panda, mainly because they are a little bit rubbish on their own and they need human intervention to really help them thrive – I relate. After mentioning this to Andy, it stuck. So now I answer to Panda as much as I do my given name.

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So, why ‘Happily Ever After’?

I believe Happily Ever After is possible. Not in a Disney way though…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hopeless Romantic. I love nothing more than well, LOVE. It’s the source of so much beauty, joy and creativity in the world.

Left to its own devices though, it can also be the source of unimaginable pain. Trust me, I know.

The Truth is: You are not going to live Happily Ever After by chance. Just like you are not going to get a ripped body by chance. These things take Work.

· · · · ·

IN FACT, believing you are just going to have an Amazing Relationship for life is about as practical as counting on a Lottery win for your Pension fund. And again, I am on TEAM LOVE here!


There are things that you can learn that will change the climate of your Relationship forever.

You are more than likely carrying around some faulty beliefs that have been programmed into you since childhood.

Armed with new, badass skills & mindsets, you can start carving out exactly the kind of Relationship YOU WANT.

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I’ve spent years now hunting high and low for the best Relationship solutions & advice (& yes, I should know better than to check under bridges because only Trolls live there):

About - Hunting

And I’ve distilled it all down so I can deliver you an easy-to-follow Training Programme which will not only help you to get back on the same page in a matter of weeks, it will also give you the tools to live Happily Ever After.

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Why does it matter though?

The only reason my Husband & I learnt what we did was because we were staring down the barrel of Divorce…

And I don’t want you to get to that point. Honestly, the statistics are not in your favour though my friend – more than half of all Marriages end; the figures are even higher for unmarried Relationships.

Happy, long-term Relationships are treated with reverence and curiosity in the media because of their rarity! THIS is insane.

A long, happy Relationship is more than achievable, once you understand yourself, your partner & how Relationships work.

Consider this:

You wouldn’t buy a house if you knew nothing about the neighbourhood would you? You would at least get a survey done to make sure there was no dry rot or subsidence wouldn’t you??

Same goes for our Relationships. Knowledge is power – understanding what you are working with enables you to be a better Partner and a better Lover.

I get it though: no one turns up at a 1st date with a checklist or a questionnaire – that would just be a bit weird wouldn’t it! However, when you know that both the chemistry and the love is there, it’s a great idea to really dig deep and get to know each other on a whole new level.

Here’s the Reality:

Ideally you would decide when you are in a good place that you want to make things Even Better; that you want to make this last Forever and you are going to actively, consciously take steps to ensure it happens.

More likely though, you are 2 or 12 or 20 years down the road and feeling like you just don’t know how to get things back to how they were.

Well to you I say: “It’s possible“. I know you can’t see the path ahead right now. It is there though. Just have faith.

As long as you know you still Love the person you are with, Anything is Possible.

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Holly & Andy

If the climate of your Relationship has been getting colder, learn how to snuggle up again and get warm!

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“So, how can I live Happily Ever After?”

When our Marriage broke down, we only ever set out to get things back on track; back to how they were. We had no idea that the steps we took would create an entirely different future for us. In fact, we ended up crafting a Relationship that suited us perfectly and you can do that too! Not only that but we also found that the changes we made in our love live spilled out into the whole of our lives, leading to massive changes in how we approach life and what we believe is possible for us, both as individuals, and as a couple.

It’s because of this that I believe that this work is some of the greatest personal development work you can do (if that’s your bag – which currently it may or may not be). Choosing to level up in your Relationship will also cause you to level up in other areas of your life. In short a win here is win everywhere!

So here you are. You’ve taken the first, most important step – so well done you!

Perhaps you and your partner fight like cat & dog but you do really love each other and want to discover a way to make things less like a warzone; Maybe you are really into Personal Growth and you want to create the very best Relationship you possibly can; Or possibly you have reached Crisis stage and feel like the end may be near. No matter where you are at right now, as long as there is still Love in your heart, you can create a more fulfilling and extraordinary Relationship. 

Like Ian McShane’s character, Winston, says in John Wick 3 ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’ which simply means: ‘If you want Peace, prepare for War’. Just like those people who learn Martial Arts, not in order to fight but in order to be able to handle a fight, I believe the same should be true in Relationships – the better prepared you are for what life & love throws at you, the better you will fare in the long term. 

In short, you can become a Relationship Ninja!

It’s often been observed that being in a lifelong Relationship is one of the very hardest things a person can do. Being ‘In Love’ tricks us into thinking relationships are easy; then reality hits! It doesn’t need to be hard though – once you learn all the badass skills, mindsets and tactics you need, you can make your Relationship flow effortlessly.

I know that once you experience just how Amazing your Relationship can be, you will never think twice about making an extra effort again. In fact, once you have the skills down, it will become a piece of cake for you!

So whether you are at the
beginning of your Story & just dreaming of your Happily Ever After… (that’s us btw, getting hitched on a beach on the gorgeous Big Island of Hawai’i back in 2013)

Holly & Andy Wedding

Or you have tonnes of memories behind you…


Know that
Happily Ever After
is possible!

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