Be Yourself?

Be Yourself: The Shadow Self & Vulnerability in long term Relationships  “Be Yourself, You can’t be anybody else” are some lyrics from a Children’s song by Danny Kaye in the 1970s. It was one that I must have listened to countless times growing up. However, despite all that positive messaging going in, what I found

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Happily Ever After: ‘Toxic Positivity’?

Is believing in Happily Ever After just “Toxic Positivity”?  Holly Skey, Founder of Happily Ever After Relationship Training argues both sides of the case… What is Toxic Positivity? A quick Google search gives a couple of impressions about what Toxic Positivity is:  “Toxic positivity involves dismissing negative emotions and responding to distress with false reassurances

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Marriage and The Matrix

As The Matrix Resurrections is currently gracing our cinema screens, I decided that, before I watched it, it was time that I re-watch the original Trilogy to remind myself of what had gone before. And I wondered? Could The Matrix actually provide answers to having a long & happy Marriage? Marriage & The Matrix: Full disclosure

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Why ‘Communication Problems’ are not the Problem.

When it comes to struggling relationships, there’s one thing you’ll hear exasperated couples saying over & over again:  “We need to sort out our Communication Problems!” This, my friend, is THE biggest BS you will ever hear (or repeat for that matter). Communication Problems are not the problem and in this article I’ll explain Why.

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