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All information, advice and tips given on this website are personal opinion and in no way to be considered legal or medical advice. You are responsible for your own behaviour and actions. If you choose to follow any of the advice or ideas on this website, this is your choice and you take full responsibility for your own actions.

All material included in the Happily Ever After Relationship Training is for educational purposes only. It is in no way a substitute for counselling, therapy or professional advice. We are not trained counsellors or therapists, just passionate about our own relationship and helping couples gain the knowledge and understanding we have in the hope to help inspire them to develop and grow their relationship. In this way we act as Educators only.

While we are passionate and confident about all the advice, strategies and theories we share, we know that results are the responsibility of the individual and ther own circumstance. Although we share all the information we feel is necessary for any couple to live Happily Ever After and we know from personal experience that it really can work, every couple is different and we therefore can’t guarantee success. We can’t promise to improve or fix your relationship, just to introduce you to and train you to use, some powerful tools that, if used in the right way, can. We are not responsible for the success or failure of you, your partner, your relationship, your family, your business or the actions you take. Only you and your partner are.

By using our website or purchasing any of our products or services you are doing so with this understanding. You agree not to hold Happily Ever After or anyone associated with it responsible for the outcome of your relationship. You understand that Happily Ever After has been created as an informational resource offering useful tips, tools and guidance that can help you elevate your relationship. You and only you can choose how you use this information and are fully responsible for the outcome and any actions, decisions or changes you make as a result.

You understand that any testimonials or comments found on this website by any other individual are personal opinion and based on the experience of that individual. Any results experienced by an individual may differ from your own. One person’s success does not guarantee the success of others.

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