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Many of you have been asking questions about the Training & how it works. So here’s a little FAQ Guide to help you to learn a little more about whether it’s right for you.

The training has been designed to help you to create a Happily Ever After – Whatever that looks like for you. It’s not forcing you to accept a cookie-cutter version of Relationships, rather it provides you with the tools to navigate the familiar challenges of long term love: Resolving differences, increasing Trust & Intimacy, handling Fights & keeping Passion alive.
The training is designed for Couples who are looking to improve their Relationship, no matter what stage you are currently at – whether you are completely Happy or in full Blown Crisis, this will help you to create a Happily Ever After: A relationship that functions at a High Level & that really suits the 2 of you.
It’s entirely up to you! The major thing that we discovered when we were trying to heal our Marriage was that, had we known all the things we learnt beforehand, we would never have got into the mess we were in! If you think Prevention is better than Cure & you want to make sure your Love Life is the best it can possibly be, this is for you.
Absolutely! The methods & techniques I teach have been developed by some of the World’s greatest minds & are the very things we used to not only heal our Relationship but also to create the wonderful Marriage we enjoy today. As long as there’s love in your hearts & a willingness to make it work, no matter how cynical you might feel right now, this is for you.
Of course! If you are taking the Training on your own, you will still see the benefit from it. Choosing to do something amazing for the sake of your Relationship is actually what’s important here (and it sets you apart from the majority of people!) so if that is your goal then you don’t need to wait for them to be on board. You can make it happen!
I can provide you with a guide to help you to encourage your Partner to join you. Generally the more we try to get someone to do that which we want them to do, the more they will resist! It must be their choice or they won’t get the benefit from it so don’t try to ‘make’ them do it. Instead, learn how to give them a choice.
I am currently only offering the training to people within a committed Relationship. The reason being that we experience a different set of issues within Relationships than we do when we are out of them. Couples are best placed to solve their issues whilst working together within their Relationship. However, we are considering adding modules for Singles in future.
The Relationship Training is an 8 week programme, designed to be done in the privacy of your own home. It consists of teaching videos + workbooks which you can complete in your own time – in total you’ll need to assign at least a few hours each week to the training. And of course the more you put into it, the more you get out!
For the group programme, there is a weekly Q&A call. However, If you’d like more Personal assistance, you can get additional support for the duration of the Training at an additional cost if you feel that is something you need. We have found that due to the personal nature of Relationships that participants may be more comfortable sharing information and getting support 1-to-1 over email or voice call. I answer all your questions personally and help you to overcome any roadblocks as the weeks go by.
If you consider that for most of us we are hoping to spend a whole lifetime with the person we love, then this is just a small time investment to help you to achieve a long & harmonious future. As with anything in life, the more we put in, the more we get out. So if you can give this your full attention for 8 weeks, you’ll reap the benefits!
This is not Therapy or Counselling & you won’t be expected to ‘spill your guts’ to a stranger! It’s a training programme & the fundamental difference is that where Therapy focuses on your Past, this focuses on your Present & Future – where you are Now and where you Want to be. It then provides the tools & teachings to help you get there.
No, if you are committed to taking the Training then the communication will be limited to the essentials – I hate spam and twice daily emails as much as the next person!
When you contact me I will send you an initial questionnaire which helps you to assess where you are right now and it also helps me to understand your situation better. If I think that I can’t help you for any reason, I’ll be honest with you about that up front. You’re trusting me with the most important and valuable part of your life – your relationship or marriage. I know how much that matters & I take that responsibility very seriously!
If your Partnership has issues of Addiction or Abuse then it’s best to seek someone dedicated to treating those things specifically. In fact anything that is a personal issue that falls outside of the scope of Relationship Coaching cannot be solved here.
Please go to our Relationship Training Registration page to sign up for the Training.
The standard cost of the Training is £497 (approx. 647 USD at time of writing). This price includes Lifetime Access to the full 8 Week Relationship Training, plus any current or future Bonus materials and a weekly Q&A session with me, Holly. If you need additional personal support after the Training concludes we can discuss addition sessions at an agreed price. The Price for the Training is per Couple, not per Person so if your Partner decides to come on board right away or a few weeks further down the line you won’t pay anything extra. When you consider the cost of multiple Couple’s Coaching sessions which often go alongside individual Therapy, this Training provides a great value way to give you some very real, valuable skills that can be applied quickly in real life to get Results.
If you have any queries at all please feel free to contact me. Either by Email or you can message me on Instagram or Facebook. I’d be really delighted to hear from you and help you to get the answers you need. Oh, I’m Holly by the way! Drop me a line & say Hi!
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