Are You a strong, intelligent Woman who wants to
Repair Your Relationship?
Or Save Your Marriage?

(In 8 Weeks; and Even if you feel like
You’re the only one that’s trying

Do any of these apply to You or your Relationship?

  • You’re Married or in a Committed Relationship that’s either suddenly hit crisis or been in decline for some time.
  • You feel like you almost don’t know your partner anymore; there’s just so much space between you.
  • What should be regular conversations turn into massive fights or withdrawal from each other. It doesn’t seem like you can communicate any more.
  • You feel like you need to walk on eggshells around them, cautious that what you say could be taken the wrong way.
  • You’re stuck in a vicious cycle of criticism, blame, arguments and wounding. Nothing you do ever feels good enough.
  • You’re starving for more affection, attention, romance, desire or passion.
  • You’re fed up with not being really listened to or heard & understood.
  • You’re struggling to get over one huge thing that’s come between you; You’re just not sure you can ever trust them again.
  • You just want to get back to the closeness and the intimacy that once made your relationship so special.

If any of the above sounds like You, then read on to discover how to turn things around.

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Feeling closer emotionally and physically than you have done in weeks, months or even years

Thrilled by the knowledge that your differences are actually a good thing, and you no longer feel like they want or need to change you.

Feeling more peaceful and settled together than ever before – no more explosive outbursts or stoney silences; no more constant tension or awkward moments.

Discussing your issues & hurts without reservation or hesitation, confident that your partner will both listen to and fully hear you.

Feeling brave enough to share your deep, inner world with them; no matter what that looks like or how murky it may be. 

Freed of assumptions and expectations, having a better, more instinctive knowledge of each other than ever before.

Experiencing a resurgence of passion & desire for each other, even if your sex life has been dwindling for months or years now.

Feeling trust returning, knowing they have your back and feeling really safe together, perhaps for the first time ever. You’re finally an unshakeable Team.



Relationship Training - I'm Holly
Relationship Training - Holly


My marriage breakdown taught me so much and honestly, I wouldn’t change it for the World; but I don’t want you to go through the same Heartbreak that I did. That’s why I am so passionate about teaching other Couples how to heal, fix, repair or save their Relationships AND also how to make it Better than Ever!

Not only have I done it myself, in my own Relationship; I’ve helped other Couples to do it too. Couples who thought it wasn’t possible; Couples who had tried for years with limited success; Couples who were desperate to just Love each other but couldn’t seem to find a way.

Even if you feel like you are the only one trying, then there is hope & there is a way. Find out more about how the 2 of you can repair your Relationship and get back to living your Happily Ever After

Our science-backed Training finally makes getting your Happily Ever After a reality; and the results will last you a lifetime.

It enables you to Fix, Heal, Repair or Save your Relationship from the privacy of your own home; no need to see a Therapist or share your secrets with a perfect stranger. You are not broken; you are simply lacking the vital information you need in order to have the Relationship you really want.  

In just 8 weeks you will learn step-by-step how to overcome the challenges of long term Love, repair your Relationship AND how to be happier than ever (and don’t worry if you’re the only one trying right now – that’s almost always the case).

Relationship Training Testimonials 1
Relationship Training Testimonials 2
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How to Fix your Relationship, Save your Marriage or just Radically Improve your Love Life

If your Relationship is no longer your happy place; Then you could be feeling anything from hurt & frustrated to lonely & desperate. And no-one wants to feel that way.

The thing is, Relationship Problems are actually totally Normal.

In fact they are too normal and the good news is, that they don’t need to be.

Relationship Struggles List 1
Relationship Struggles List 2

The good news? These things are all NORMAL.

The even Better news? They don’t need to be! Let me show you how to get things back on track in the short term. Then make it Better Than Ever in the long term.

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If you want to sort out your Relationship once and for all, read through to the
end of this page to find out how I can help you to sort out your problems and get the Relationship you really want

It’s accepted that Relationships start off great and go downhill from there. 

Where else in life do you start at the summit of your achievements though? Where else in life do you get to the top as if by magic?

So does it make sense that you’d start your Relationship in the best place you could ever get to?

You’re Right! It doesn’t!

Traditional Model of Relationships
New Model of Relationships

Over the next 8 weeks you’ll uncover all the things that you’ll wish you’d been taught in school about why we all struggle in relationships. Being in Love is just a small part of it. You also need some strong, empowering information to make things really work.

AND exactly what you can do about it.

PLUS! You’ll also discover how you can make it Better Than Ever!

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How Did We Get Here?

Relationship Patterns
Recognise, Understand and Replace Relationship Patterns

At their core, Relationships are just a selection of Patterns, Strategies & Habits.

This Training will help you to identify; get to grips with and learn how to identify any Patterns in your Relationship that are currently sabotaging you; Learn new Strategies for success and teach productive Habits that help you to get the love you want. By creating new, productive patterns, strategies & habits, we can help you to get the Relationship that you really want!

We walk you step-by-step through 4 key stages toward Relationship Success:

  • Creating an amazing new foundation of Mindsets & Understanding
  • Uncovering counter-intuitive Strategies & Solutions for Success
  • Dealing with Historic Issues, Hurdles & Sabotage
  • Laying the groundwork for your shiny, new Upgraded Future Together

Your future is one paved with awareness of each other and how you work; you’ll be fully conscious of your old patterns and trip hazards and how to avoid them; you’ll be able to see all the red flags (and the green & yellow ones!) and act on them before they get out of hand; and you’ll find that, because you understand each other so well now, and you’re not assuming or expecting anymore, that your familiar old troubles just melt away.

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By Now, you might be wondering
“What exactly is Relationship Training?”

Relationship Training is a completely online solution to your all Relationship Struggles and provides a fast & effective alternative to traditional counselling. 

No matter where you are in the World, you can participate in the privacy of your own home; and you can work it around your existing commitments at a time to suit you.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we deliver the Training 100% digitally, through Video modules and Workbooks. Plus you have the additional support of a weekly online Q&A with me, Holly to help to guide you through the process. Find out more about how it works HERE.

I only work with a limited number of people at 1 time & I assess the suitability of all applicants before enrolment. If you would like to get in touch to discuss your suitability, simply click the Register Now button to get your name on the List and I will be in touch with you directly.

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Why ‘Training’?

Just like a PERSONAL TRAINER, I can show you what to do and I can create plans for you to follow, crucially though I can’t do the jumping jacks for you! After all you can’t get a 6 pack just by reading about it!  

This is a 2-way process and you need to be prepared to jump in and actively do the work that’s required.

We’ve seen first hand that participants who passively learnt the theories but took no real-world action saw no difference in their Love Lives. The people who got stuck in, tried things out, asked questions and understood that not being afraid to get it wrong is just a valuable part of the learning process, had the best results in the end.

Relationship Training - Personal Trainer
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Now trust me, I get it, you might have all the usual thoughts of:

‘What if it doesn’t work?’
‘What if I try & nothing changes?’
‘What if they don’t love me anymore?’

and that inner voice, that we all have, is actually currently sabotaging your future happiness…
(and we’ll teach you how to stop that happening!).

Relationship Training - Inner Voice

It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something however,

One thing is certain:
If you take no action, nothing can change

It will simply not get any better if you just leave it. In fact, statistically, the longer you leave it, the worse it will get and the harder you will have to work to turn it around.

And if you are feeling like you won’t take any action unless your partner does too, because you need them to ‘prove’ their commitment, then the same applies: You will enter a stalemate and nothing will change.

If neither of you take action, it can’t get any better – that’s just simple maths – Zero + Zero = Zero!

If just one of you takes action though, you give yourself a100% better chance right away to turn things around, even if you are going it alone for now.

The truth is, sometimes you have to just follow your Heart.

If you know that you love them, you are not prepared to lose them, and you’d regret it for the rest of your life if you didn’t just try, then Fight for them! (And trust me, they will thank you for it in future – even if things are strained between you right now.)

How Does it Work?

Over the next 56 days, You’ll get access to 3 jam-packed video Training modules each & every week. PLUS a range of practical exercises to help consolidate your learning;  We’ve included every tool you could possibly need to move your Relationship forward!

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Every week there’s a personal 1-to-1 Session* with me, Holly, covering all your burning questions for the week.


You’ll also get exclusive Bonus Members Only Content too including modules on things like Dealing with Anger, Handling Forgiveness & Apologies and lots of content to ensure you create and foster a Strong Emotional Connection.


Finally you get Lifetime Access to all the materials. Your Relationship is as dynamic as you are and you’ll both change over the years. We know that life will always present you with challenges and sometimes you need to refresh your skills on how to handle those things which is why we include access to the Training for Life. 

*Depending upon Timezones, Availability and your Preferences we will either conduct this via online Call or Email.

Learn to Live Happily Ever After
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Our Training is packed with the most effective tools & strategies from Psychology, Neuroscience, Relationship Research & Real-Life experience; brought together to provide a powerful solution to the Challenges that inevitably arise in long-term Love. We’ll demystify Relationship Success for you & help you to handle fights, rekindle passion and be an unshakeable Team once again! Here’s what you’ll learn over the next 8 weeks:

· · · · ·

Week 1: What is Love?

Relationship Training Week 1

In this first exciting week of your Journey you are going to learn all about Love, what it is, why it happens and crucially, how you can create more if it! Afterall, it’s Love that has got you here so it makes sense to get to know how it all works!

  • You’ll also begin to understand what it was that attracted you to your partner and what you REALLY want in your Relationship (it might not be what you think!)
  • You’ll also learn that, although everyone thinks that Communication is their greatest problem, there is actually a much simpler explanation for & solution to your Relationship issues
  • Finally we’ll equip you straight out of the gate with some Secret Weapons that will become the solid foundation to your lasting Relationship success!

Week 2: All in the Mind

Relationship Training Week 2

This week we continue laying the essential groundwork you need to get real Relationship Success. This week is packed with concepts from the World’s greatest minds, past & present – from Astrophysicists to Taoists!

  • We delve into how your amazing Brain works and why it is probably sabotaging you and your Relationship without you even knowing (and how to stop it!)
  • We also get to Grips with your Emotions and why you don’t always act in a way that gets you the results you really want (and what you can do about it!)
  • And finally we look at what it means to have the Mindset of an Olympian. Afterall, whether you are here to radically improve, save or heal your Relationship, understanding HOW you are going to achieve your Goal will ensure your long term success!

Week 3: Connected & Attached

Relationship Training Week 3

The World’s most renowned Relationship Therapists, Counsellors & Psychologists all agree that much of what happens in our Adult Love Relationships directly relates back to our experiences when we were growing up. So this week we learn about how this is playing out for you in your Relationship right now.

  • You will start to build an intuitive knowledge of how your Partner works so that you can not only understand them better, you can also see warning flags in your Relationship & take action quickly to avert crisis in future
  • We’ll learn how your tiny, everyday interactions in your Relationship are the biggest long term predictors of success & we’ll teach you a super effective tactic to turn your Relationship around single handedly!
  • Finally, as very few of us enjoy Confrontation (and many of us actively avoid it!), we’ll teach you how to talk to each other in a super safe, structured way that ensures you both get to say exactly what you need to say; no worry, no arguments, no stress

Week 4: Introducing Safety

Relationship Training Week 4

We often focus on Trust in our Relationships and whilst this is important, something that needs to take the spotlight is actually the concept of Safety. So this week you’ll learn all about what Safety is and why it’s so important.

  • We learn how to consciously create the Love you want (rather than just ending up in the same old patterns all the time!)
  • We look at why we usually run away from our problems in an attempt to feel Safer and instead we learn how to face them head on!
  • And finally we look at ways to calm and ease each other’s emotional distress, creating an essential environment of Safety for the 2 of you where you can grow the Relationship of your Dreams

Week 5: Fighting Styles

Relationship Training Week 5

By now, you’ll have found that Conflict is already easing in your Relationship  however, some Fights seem to come back to haunt us and this week we need to address historic hurts.

  • So this week we look at why we get into fights so quickly – how conflict seems to blow up seemingly out of nowhere and what we can do about it
  • We also learn how by getting to know the patterns we are stuck in we can get off the hamster wheel of recurring fights (you know – the ones that just go round, and round and round!) and how you and your partner can collaborate to end this cycle
  • Finally we learn why it’s essential to always go for the Win/Win in any situation (and we give you the tools to get there!)

Week 6: Differentiation

Relationship Training Week 6

This week we will give you a fuller, deeper understanding of each other, what motivates you and what upsets you; who you really are; helping to eliminate all those things that might have caused you to misunderstand each other in the past and provoke conflict between you.

  • We cover essential Couples conversations about setting boundaries, what we must discuss in our Relationships and the things that really are are better left unsaid!
  • We also discover why our persistence in trying to make the other person more like us is one of the major causes of conflict in Relationships. And why loving those things, instead of try to change them, actually gives us a better sex life!
  • Finally we dig deep into why you have most likely ended up with someone who is the absolute opposite to you in a lot of interesting ways & why this means they are actually perfect for you!

Week 7: The Past vs Your Future

Relationship Training Week 7

Now that you have done loads of heavy lifting and looked at all the areas of your Relationship, where you are and where you’d like to make changes,  it’s time to look to the future! In order to get where we’re going though, we need to know where we’ve been…

  • So we look at why you seem to end up in the same Relationships over and over again: with friends, lovers, bosses even… (once you understand why, it’s simple to break the cycle)
  • We start to uncover what matters most to you in life – both for you as an individual and also  in your Relationship – and this provides a compelling framework for your future
  • Finally we create an amazing Vision for the future – where you understand exactly what you want your Dream Relationship to look like AND how you are going to get it!

Week 8: Sex & Growth

Relationship Training Week 8

No Relationship is complete without Sex. After All this is the single identifying factor that makes your Relationship a Love Relationship. And Sex is most often cited as the major cause of issues in Love Relationships so this week it goes under the microscope…

  • Firstly we look at some surprising pitfalls and patterns in your Sex life that you may not be consciously aware of… And some of the best tips & tactics for keeping your Sex Life alive in the long term
  • Then we look at starting to really understand what floats your boat when we talk about everything from your favourite ever sexual experiences through to the fantasies that  you may never even talk about
  • Finally we consider everything you’ve learnt over the past 8 weeks; how it all adds up to ensure you now have all the habits, patterns & strategies to create your very own Happily Ever After!

All these resources are valued at well over £1000! You can get it all for Just £497!

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Relationship Training PayPal

No open-ended Therapy sessions. No costly Counselling. Online Relationship Training is a fixed cost, fixed time-scale solution.

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Relationship Training - A Fixed Price Solution
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This Training is Designed in a way that keeps it really cost effective for you – you only pay £497 for a Lifetime of Resources and 8 Q&A sessions with me – the equivalent of just under £50 per week. When you consider the cost of 8 regular sessions with a Coach or Counsellor this provides incredible value! The reason we created it like this, is because the learning element of the Training is recorded and the focus falls on You to watch the material provided, to undertake the exercises and then to clear up any questions you might have with me. As you will have so many breakthroughs in your own time, you will find that you won’t need me to ‘referee’ your Relationship or act as a go-between as you might expect a Counsellor to do. I am simply there to help you to understand things better, to guide & support you and to point you in the right direction.

In fact, I am a bit like the Training Wheels on a push bike – here to guide you through and to support you until you are ready to go it alone. But don’t worry! Those wheels stay firmly on for the full 8 weeks!

A New Way

Traditionally, Couples Therapists are actually trained to listen and ask questions, not to give solutions. This is because it’s really essential to come to your own realisations. For some people though, that’s not a quick process – for some people that can take years! And from personal experience I know that when the shit hits the fan, you want solutions and you want them fast! 

My own personal experience of seeing Counsellors & Therapists tells me that if you have all the time and money in the world to work things out, then they are of great value. However, when you just want to get things sorted fast, then you need advice & solutions quickly.

When your Relationship is in crisis, it affects every area of your life. You feel miserable when you are at work, out with friends or spending time with family – it’s all consuming. It becomes hard to just function and be happy – you’re simply not yourself. Worse than this, your friends and family might lend an ear to your problems for a while, but most people will have a limit on how much comfort and support they can provide.

Having Relationship issues adds a real element of uncertainty to your life and for many people, having the additional uncertainty of not knowing how many sessions they may need and how much it may end up costing just adds to your stress. If you want a fixed price, fixed time-frame option then this Training is for you! Counsellors or Therapists usually advise at least12 sessions but often end up leaving it open ended.

I am not about you being addicted to your problems.

I am 100% on the side of you making a real, positive, permanent change and fast! If your Relationship is good, then so is the rest of your life. However, if you ignore your Relationship problems then it affects your whole world and you are likely to be miserable all the time; this filters out to your family, friends and work colleagues and it has a very real, personal cost to you. The feelings of resentment, frustration or anger towards your partner can build up to huge proportions. This can end up damaging your mental and emotional health.

Don’t become a statistic.

Worse still, the longer we leave our problems in a relationship, the more likely we are to become another Divorce or Break Up statistic. It’s said the Divorce costs you way more than you imagine. Those who have been through it know that it’s not just the financial cost (statistically £32k on average, excluding property!); the damage done Emotionally is massive – both to you and also to your kids if you have any. 

So, if you still have love in your heart, even despite all the hurt. Then just trying one more time (or even for the first time) is a great choice. If you feel like you might regret it for the rest of your life if you just let them walk away, then I urge you to take action to do everything in your power to at least try. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Register for the Training below. I can only accept a few participants at one time but I will get in touch with you directly when you sign up.

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