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Marriage Counselling Near Me

Each month, 1000s of people search for ‘Marriage Counselling Near Me’ on search engines.

We often choose to search for someone near us because of convenience or because we are simply not sure where on earth to start…

This can be a lengthy, confusing and frustrating search.

When your Relationship is in crisis though, you want help Fast; and spending hours looking for local Marriage Counselling can feel like wasting valuable time. Plus, if there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that we can now do pretty much everything from the comfort of our own Homes.

Saving or Repairing your Marriage is no exception.

(In fact, doing it at Home is actually the closest option geographically.)

Looking for Marriage, Relationship or Couples Counselling near where you live has been the accepted practice for many decades. However, like working in an office, just because that’s what we’ve all been doing for years, doesn’t make it the right path for everyone.

So what are the options?

Therapy or Counselling is a process of self-reflection which requires you to look back into your past to ‘join the dots’. In this way, it helps you to come to realisations about where you are right now. These ‘Aha’ Moments can take some time to come through though and it’s not uncommon to hear about people who have been seeing a counsellor or therapist for months, or even years, without a massive breakthrough. 

If your Marriage is in Crisis, you want a resolution in weeks, not months.

If your Relationship is in Crisis, you want a resolution in weeks – not months. You also want to be sure that you are choosing an option that supports the 2 of you in the process of getting back on the same page.

There is another option.

Relationship Training combines the major benefits of local Marriage Counselling paired with the very best in cutting-edge Relationship knowledge. Amassed from numerous fields of Psychology and combined with Neuroscience, scientific Relationship Research and highly effective Couples Therapy Techniques. We can give you expert 1-1 help, as well as a huge library of knowledge that enables you to not only heal, save or repair your Marriage; it will also give you the ability to make it better than ever.

That’s why we’re called Happily Ever After.

Because we focus not only on the short-term goal of turning your Relationship around, but also on the long-term Vision of your life together. Because we want to ensure you can learn to live together happily for the long haul. So our Training combines self-guided digital learning modules with interactive workbooks and weekly 1 – 1 sessions to answer your burning questions for the week.

This cutting-edge combination of both learning and self-reflection, leads you to have more ‘Aha!’ moments in a far shorter time-frame than you would with counselling or therapy alone.

As any sort of self-reflection meets you where you are, we know that as you grow & change over time, you will want to go back and revisit the material. So, when you want to come back to any of the information, it’s always there for you at no additional cost.

Previous participants have told us that our Training was faster & more effective for them than years of Therapy

“I feel I got more from (the Training) in a shorter amount of time than we did for Couples Therapy. In Therapy, we had some breakthroughs, but nothing like the understanding I gained through this Training.”

CA, Toronto

So, if you have been looking for someone near you to be your marriage, relationship or couples counsellor; and you’d actually much prefer to handle your issues from the comfort & privacy of your own home; with the support of an Expert who has walked in your shoes, then our Relationship Training is for you. 

Whilst it’s possible to learn a lot by yourself, having the help of an Expert just makes things so much easier. It also allows you to find your way again if you feel a bit lost. So I will be on hand throughout the process to help you and to move you forward.

The online Training is structured as follows :

An 8 week completely online Training programme. This is our full Training programme which includes weekly Video or Audio learning modules; workbooks for self reflection and exercises to overcome issues together; plus 1 hour of personal 1 – 1 time with me each week either via email or video call (depending on your preference & Time Zone) where we can resolve any of your queries for that week.

You don’t need to take the Training as a couple. In fact, when your Marriage is in crisis it’s usual to find that one of you is making more effort than the other (and if you’re reading this then I’m guessing that is you!). We’ll help you to change the climate of your Relationship, even if you’re the only one trying right now.

Please note: I can only work with a limited number of people at one time so Training is subject to availability and we assess the suitability of all participants before we accept you onto the programme.

So if you want to Save or Heal your Marriage in 8 weeks from the comfort & privacy of your own Home, then our Relationship Training is for you.

To find out more, just visit our Relationship Training page or simply contact me, Holly, by emailing Hello@HEA-RT.COM

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